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We are on hand for the duration of your stay with us. We will be your point of contact, offering practical support so you can enjoy your experience away from home with no worries.

Camplus is not an estate agent but a unique and fixed point of reference for both the tenant and owner. So it does not only mediate supply and demand but is constantly available and ready to resolve any issues that may arise during residency.

The tenant, whether university student or young professional, signs a contract directly with Camplus Apartments in its role as building owner or manager.

There is no commission to pay on rent in virtue of the fact that Camplus Apartments is not an agency. New clients are however asked to pay a one-off registration fee to the Camplus Network, which allows them to make use of services, promotions and events exclusive to the Network. Camplus is present in twelve Italian cities and in Spain with its College, Apartments and Guest services and can arrange holiday lodgings, restaurant services, training activities and much more besides.

Camplus chooses to draw up contracts in the names of individual clients so that said clients are not responsible for finding new tenants in the case of termination.

Payment can be made via bank transfer, credit card or SDD (Seba Direct Debit).

Given the variety of solutions offered by Camplus Apartments, the inclusion or exclusion of utilities depends on the accommodation in question. To ensure transparency, we include a dedicated section within each advertisement that specifies the utilities and services included. Anything not specifically mentioned is to be considered excluded.

There are no entry or exit times. Students are totally autonomous and do not have to stick to any time schedules.

To reserve a room in which you are interested, send a booking request directly via the advertisement relating to it. After filling out the form, you will be contacted by the Camplus Apartments team in the city in question and they will provide all the necessary information and details of the procedures involved in finalising the contract.


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